About Us

Cremation London & Middlesex Inc. was created to provide an affordable option in direct cremation or burial. Our goal was to eliminate staff services and restrict facility usage to become the most cost-effective choice for cremation and burial services in London and Middlesex County. 

What We Do

  • A Funeral Director will meet with the executor/family to sign all legal documents.
  • Transfer your loved one from the place of death to our facility.
  • Register the death with the City of London.
  • Contact the Coroner, if needed for simple cremation.
  • Book the cremation or cemetery on your behalf.
  • Transfer your loved one to the crematorium or cemetery of your choice.

Cost-Effective Cremation

Our direct cremation cost includes:

  • Basic direct cremation only (no embalming, no viewing, no service).
  • Transportation of your loved one from the place of death to our facility.
  • Government fees and taxes for direct cremation.

For an exact breakdown, please view our Cremation Services page.

For $2,371.10, you can have basic direct cremation. An urn is not included in the basic direct cremation costs. We do, however, offer a wide variety of urns at different price points, including wooden, biodegradable, metal, plastic, marble urns and keepsake jewelry.

Cremation London & Middlesex Inc. is a subsidiary of A. Millard George Funeral Home Limited.

If you would like more information, contact us directly at 519-858-2467 or email at info@cremationlondon.com

When my wife passed away I was very distraught when the hospital told me I needed to inform them where I would like her body sent to. I had no idea how to proceed. I really lucked out when I found these very kind Souls on the internet. Bailey and the rest of the staff we’re very informed and professional and helped me through all the steps that I needed to take. They also put all the information in a nice folder that came in handy for all the other paperwork that I needed for the lawyer, Etc. I would highly recommend them.

- Robert Angus

At a time when decisions are difficult turn to the kind staff at Cremation London. I lost someone very close to me. Cremation London was knowledgeable, helpful and extremely accommodating.

- Kris Dowler

Amazing! I can not be any more happy with the professional, caring and compassionate service we received . Kelly was PERFECT!!! I feel we have become FRIENDS after dealing with the most tragic experience of losing a family member so suddenly. That shows her true caring heart. She went beyond expectations!

- Natalie Eterno